Happy World UFO Day!


Betcha didn’t know that July 2nd is World UFO Day?  Well, now you do.

While looking up what this day is all about, all I find on Wikipedia is that World UFO Day is “a day in which individuals and groups are encouraged to gather together to watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.”

That’s it.

Now, do you think that aliens and other non-earthly beings are also aware of this holiday and thus purposefully send their spaceships into orbit for us to see? Whilst goog-ling “dates of UFO sightings” I’ve learned that there has actually never been record of any sightings on July 2nd, at least so far.

Talk about a let down eh? Or, wait, what is that I see in the sky???

Anyways, July 2nd would also normally mark the exact half way point through the calendar year…but this year is a leap year, so this doesn’t work.

World UFO Day, A Cause to Celebrate?

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