Jerry and Penny, Episode 2


Welp, we’ve been off to a bit of a “not updating every day” start, but i mean, it’s cause of all the celebratin’ that has been goin down.  PLUS, we have another episode for yah!  It is by far, my favourite thing i’ve ever animated.  Please, spread it around!  show your friends if you like it.  That is all!  Watch it, and enjoy!

2 responses »

  1. Wicked. My favourite ‘shot’ was the multiple robots lining up and firing towards Penny. Lots happening at once. Who is the antagonist, Brock? Why was he trying to destroy Penny? Will he be a returning character?

  2. Thanks mang! definitely a returning character! From this point on, i’m hoping to have some sort of continuity between episodes… the MYSTERY of BROCK will be EXPLORED MWAHAHA

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